Digital Commerce For The New Decade

Digital Commerce For The New Decade

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We’ve got some brilliant brainfood from fantastic speakers to provide eCommerce inspiration for your business.

View all the session below on demand:

• Fiona Spooner, Global Marketing Director, B2C at Financial Times
• Alex Tait chairing a panel discussion with
- Phil Livingstone, Global Digital Marketing Director, The Body Shop
- Sille Opstrup, Pernod Ricard, Head of Digital, Connections and Content
- Zena Tuitt, Co-Founder, Niche On Demand
• Amy Winchester, Head of Publicity, Unbound
• Edzard van der Wyck, Co-Founder at Sheep Included
• Eleanor Barlow, Director Digital & Data, HSBC
• Keng Zhing Ng, Asia Digital Ecommerce Expansion Director, RB
• Katie Stotter, &us
• Jane Smith, Director, Data Products, GSK
• Paul Frampton in conversation with Jane Evans, Founder of the Uninvisibility Project
• Tuesday 9th June - Marta Vilella-Vila, Client Partner, Foresight Factory

Due to ongoing concerns about Covid 19 we asked all our speakers if they'd do something special with us and change the event format to be the world's first DTC Digital Commerce conference. And guess what, they said yes!

Great leaps were made in the last ten years in digital commerce. Mobile retail, social shopping and the rise of Direct To Consumer brands have sparked an evolution in terms of how people discover, research and buy.

But we can all do better. How do you navigate the wealth of tech to make sure you’re providing the best possible experience? How do you innovate in digital commerce?

How can you be social, mobile and vocal all at the same time, and more importantly… how can you sell more stuff?

With a combination of new insights, case studies, global perspectives and the best advice, this event will show you how to be a digital commerce player of the future, both inside and out.

We are delighted with this event to be partnering with New Digital Age, Diversity In Conferences and Events (DICE) and the International Advertising Association.

Digital Commerce For The New Decade

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